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RN Emergency Department

Company: Cary Medical Center
Location: Caribou
Posted on: January 27, 2023

Job Description:

Description: Job Summary: Provide professional nursing care within the Emergency Department: coordinates care planning with other disciplines. Provide care that meets the psychosocial, physical and general aspects of care. Determine priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs of patients, as well as factors influencing patient flow through the system. Communicate with ED physicians regarding changes in patient's status, symptomatology and results of diagnostic studies. Respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment. Essential Duties: 1. Provide direct patient care, evaluate outcomes, consult with other specialists as required, and adjusts nursing care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care 2. Perform a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassess as per policy, includes neonate/pediatric/adolescent/geriatric patients/and the general patient population 3. Ability to assess/reassess pain/and pain management, vital signs and patient progress and educates patient/family regarding pain management 4. Ability to monitor hemodynamic status of patient, and correctly interpret the results 5. Demonstrate knowledge of cardiac monitoring; identify dysrhythmias and treats appropriately, and accurately assigns triage categories 6. Maintain accurate and continued nursing documentation, including patient histories conditions, treatments, responses and assessment of changes 7. Treat patients and their families with respect and dignity; identify and address psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual needs of patients and their families 8. Function as liaison between administration, patients, physicians & other healthcare providers 9. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and the skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the patients served; be able to interpret data about the patient's status in order to identify each patient's age specific needs and provide care needed by the patient group 10. Interact professionally with patient and family, and involve patient and family in the formation of the plan of care; formulate a teaching plan based on identified learning needs and evaluate effectiveness of learning; includes family in teaching, as appropriate 11. Maintain current knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and his/her clinical condition 12. Follow orders when appropriate, withholding actions on questionable orders while seeking clarification in a timely manner 13. Prepare/hang/monitor/discontinue IV fluids, and provide resource information to staff 14. Maintain established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, performance improvement program, safety, environmental and infection control standards, and maintain a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment for patients/families in accordance w/hospital standards. 15. Assist in cost containment by appropriately ordering/conserving supplies/equipment 16. Respond promptly to changes in workload, adjusting assignments as necessary to achieve optimal productivity/efficiency. 17. Demonstrate the ability to assist physicians with procedures in the Emergency Department. 18. Evaluate patient understanding and assess for questions before procedures are begun. 19. Supervise temporary employees, and employees who do not supervise; allocate/monitor work of others, lead one or more employees performing similar work. 20. Participate in orientation of new personnel, demonstrate familiarity with orientation procedure for new staff and actively participate as assigned. Support/welcome new staff while assisting with learning needs; includes nursing students & EMT's in teaching opportunities. 21. Assist the Emergency Department Nurse Manager in the development, implementation, and evaluation of performance improvement indicators to improve patient outcomes and the work environment. 22. Enhance professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops; show responsibility for own professional practice and ongoing education. Charge Nurse Role: 1. Properly interpret and execute policies, procedures, and medical orders; assist staff in coordination of patient assignments. 2. Regularly does patient rounds to assist staff in assessing patient conditions and needs. 3. Assigns narcotic count on each shift and ensure task is complete and correct. Ensures that any discrepancy in narcotic count is documented on narcotic count sheet and on medication error sheet (including explanation and measures taken to find the missing drug, signed by two (2) staff members. 4. Ensure refrigerator temperature is checked/documented each morning. 5. Assign the task of completing room 1 checklist and general supply stocking in each room. 6. Checks to make sure that critical supplies used are immediately replaced. 7. Helps to ensure that staff is able to take their breaks, assign accordingly. 8. Act as an advocate for patients and staff and is the contact person for patient and staff complaints/concerns until the Nurse Manager can be notified. Maintain responsibility for documenting shift progress on the nursing roster sheet. Requirements: Other Responsibilities: 1. Meet the identified organizational requirements, work habits, and promotes a collaborative & cooperative work environment. 2. Perform other work-related duties as assigned. 3. Complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Work Habits: 1. Completes work within a designated time 2. Demonstrates the ability to work independently and is accountable for own actions 3. Shows initiative and follow-through 4. Demonstrates productivity at work (makes good use of down time) 5. Performs duties willingly and enthusiastically 6. Returns from breaks, meals, meetings and in-services in a timely manner 7. Takes appropriate actions when safety issues are identified (reports hazardous situations to appropriate person, removes malfunctioning equipment, etc.) 8. Follows recommendations designed to reduce worksite injuries (proper body mechanics, personal protective gear, safe sharps, etc.) 9. Demonstrates the ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations 10. Demonstrates judicious use of supplies Organizational requirements: 1. Reports to work on time and as scheduled. 2. Wears identification while on duty. 3. Uses computerized punch time system correctly. 4. Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and tidy. Finger nails must be free from nail polish. Jewelry cannot be worn. 5. Maintains and ensures patient confidentiality at all times. 6. Complies with organizational policies regarding ethical business practices. 7. Maintains regulatory requirements (i.e. licensing, certifications). 8. Attends a minimum of 6 staff meetings annually, reviews monthly staff meetings annually, reviews monthly staff meeting minutes of missed meetings. 9. Parks in designated employee area, allows accessible parking for the elderly, ill, and visitors. 10. Not to exceed 3% of unscheduled absences. License Requirements: 1. Current BLS Certification 2. Current ACLS Certification 3. Current PALS Certification 5. Current MARS certification Availability Requirements: 1. Depending on department staffing needs, you may be asked to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Education, Skills, Experience Requirements: 1. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing 2. Acute / critical care experience preferred 3. Proficient in interpreting EKG, and basic computer knowledge Physical Demand Requirements: 1. Exerting /lifting: up to 50lbs. (workloads over 50lbs. require assistance) 2. Pull up or reposition patients in bed / push beds throughout the hospital as needed 3. Place equipment on supports and lift supplies as needed 4. Perform external cardiac compressions 5. Bending: to perform certain duties, (check chest tube drainage, check urinary output, etc) 6. Maneuver throughout halls/stairways/patient rooms in response to hospital emergencies 7. Visual/auditory/significant writing skills required 8. Typing skills/touch screen use for computer documentation required 9. Use material handling equipment (i.e. carts, dollies) and proper body mechanics when transferring supplies, or that which exceeds your capacity to lift. Job Knowledge/Experience: 1. Ability to utilize the nursing process in the provision of nursing care including but not limited to: administering treatments, medications, and interventions based on established clinical nursing practice standards, interpreting diagnostic tests, formulating a plan of care, collaborating with other health care providers and providing education to patients and/or significant others (Required to pass competencies for this position). Promote a Collaborative and Cooperative Environment: 1. Establish good rapport and cooperative working relationships with other members of the organization to promote quality care and service. 2. Handle conflict appropriately (use I statements to discuss issues, discuss privately and directly with the individual involved, obtain assistance from supervisor when needed). 3. Respond appropriately to change (remain open-minded, keep personal agendas out). 4. Represent the organization in a positive and professional manner (language and actions reflect the mission and vision of CMC). 5. Participate in performance improvement by identifying problems and potential solutions (Be Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem). 6. Treat patients, family visitors and co-workers with respect and dignity (address individuals courteously, knock before entering, keep voice down, and display positive regard). 7. Provide exceptional customer service, thus contributing to the WOW experience (offer assistance before being asked, go one step extra to help, smile and make eye contact when speaking). Cognitive Environment Requirements: 1. Some problem solving required. Makes independent judgments & decisions. 2. Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed. Working Conditions: 3. 95% or more time spent in air-conditioned environment with varying exposure to noise 4. Subjected to internal temperature changes Personal Protective Environment: 1. Requires high exposure to bio-hazardous wastes that mandate the wearing of gloves, masks, gowns, and goggles for actual or potential exposure. 2. Heavy exposure to malodorous and infectious body fluids; and some minimal exposure to smells from cleansing agents. Emotional Environment Requirements: 1. Must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relationships. PI200142754

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